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The Half Wing J Ranch breeding program is based on Easter Gentleman, Easter King, King, Grey Badger II, and Hancock bloodlines.We are concentrating on King, Easter King, and Easter Gentleman with no Doc Bar and as little of Three Bars as possible.
We have a stallion battery and mare band that carry high percentages of these bloodlines. Some of our breeding stock and offspring have no Thoroughbred after 1939. This is considered a determining factor for eligibility in the Steeldust Registry. (See Steeldust page for more information.)
We at HWJ Ranch are dedicated to maintaining a pure Positive Gene Pool of this blood and passing it on to our offspring. This line of breeding has continued to produce winners, money earners, and just good sound horses all across the US and Europe. Some of the disciplines include Reining, Cutting, Penning, Roping, Ranch Work, Pleasure, Barrels, Reenactment War Horses, Dressage, Jumpers, Eventing, and Breeding. They can be as versatile as you want them to be.
For details about pedigrees and blood percentages we invite you to check out the herd. Be sure to check out our horses for sale, and thanks for stopping by!
BOX 278 BANGS, TX 76823