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We have a variety of mares, but  we don't stray far from the kind of blood you see in the stallions.  It is hard to find the good mares, because a lot of blood lines we seek have been diluted.

*Kiowa B Reed - 1978  buckskin ( has old papers), but would have Joe Reed and Harmon Baker Star on her papers.  She qualifies as "Steel Dust".  Gave us a beautiful buckskin colt this last year.

*Don Mar Rue Back - 1980 sorrel , nothing fancy on the papers, is of old King Ranch breeding.  Goes back to Zantanon and passes that influence on when bred to the above stallions.  She also goes back to Wimpy, and others.  Wonderful mother, has given us some good ones.  What can I say - she is the old "matriarch" of the place.  Good cow horse. Ruby qualifies as "Steel Dust".

*Senoritas Jazz - 1984  dun  by Royal Tony Jazz, by Royal King, by King.  She's Midnight, Hancock, and King -bred on the bottom side.  Has given us some pretty babies, a good looking red dun filly last year.  Jazz qualifies as "Steel Dust".

*Two T Red River Lady - 1994  bay  daughter of Easter Gentleman out of a mare by Grand River Jim.  Indun (Indian - she was born close to the Indian Nation) is 25% King.  Her dam won a good amount of money reining in Non Futurity earnings.  She was headed to Italy to be campaigned when she got her eye damaged, so doesn't look pretty any more and another horse went in her place.  Good mother and has good babies.  Indun does not qualify as "Steel Dust", because of  an old TB named Piggin String born in 1940.

*Sana Hancock - 1994 sorrel daughter of Joe Buck Hancock out of a Dam that goes back to Mr. San Peppy, Leo, Hancock, Grey Badger II  and San Siemon.  Wonderful mother-very gentle-been ridden bareback and has never been "so called broke".  "Hana" does not qualify as "Steel Dust".

*Two T Hollywood - 1996 gray by Mr. B J Bill, grandson of Hollywood Gold - Dam is Hollytop Mumps a granddaughter of Hollywood Gold.  Same Dam as Two T Easter Mumps.  Doing a good job for us and lots of collateral blood.  "Woody" qualifies "Steel Dust".

*Kings Royal Rue - 1993 sorrel mare by a Royal King bred stallion and out of "Ruby" (above mare).  Puts out some nice babies.  KR does not "Steel Dust".  She is for sale.  Would like a tighter blooded mare.  Broke, gentle, and ranch used.

* Two T Maggie Custer - 2000 gray filly by Two T Gen Custer and out of  Shot By Gentleman.  High percentage Grey Badger.  Qualifies for "Steel Dust".

*HWJ Cameo Ottillie - 2000 bay filly by Two T Gen Jackson, son of Easter Gentleman and out of  Ruby.  We plan on keeping this mare for future breeding.  "Tillie" qualifies for "Steel Dust".

*HWJ Svetlana Cameo - 2001 red dun filly by Two T Easter Mumps out of Senoritas Jazz.  We also plan on keeping her.  "Sveta" qualifies as "Steel Dust".

*HWJ Cameo Irina - 2001 bay filly by Two T Easter Mumps out of Two T Red River Lady.  Plan on keeping. .

*HWJ Bobbin Cuate - 2001 gray filly by Two T Easter Mumps out of Two T Hollywood.  Plan on keeping.  Qualifies as "Steel Dust".

*HWJ Peppermint Cameo - 2002 bay filly by Tepee Braveheart out of Senoritas Jazz.  Plan on keeping.  Qualifies for "Steel Dust".