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Specific Horse Accomplishments

Two T Whiskey Royal ( Silver Anniversary ) $115,640        
    1990 NRHA Open Futurity Champion                
    1990 5th Farnum Futurity Open                    
    1991 4th Congress Limited Open                    

Two T Pachucco Wimpy  $22,008                
    1988 Derby Snaffle Bit Champion            
    1988 5th NRHA Futurity Open                    
    1989 Res. Champion Non-Pro Freestyle                
    Cover Picture on Bob Loomis's Reining Book
    Currently in Japan competing                
    and more                            
Two T Easter King $37,492 (plus some overseas)            
    1990 NRHA Non-Pro Futurity Champion        
    1990 NRHA Limited Open Futurity Res. Champ            
    1991 NRHA Derby Non-Pro Res. Champion                
    1991 NRHA Lazy E Non-Pro Res. Champion                
    1991 NRHA Lazy E 8th place Limited Open        
    and more on European Record                     

Two T General Buford                        
    1996 Italian QH Futurity Open Champion            

Two T Easter Sailwin
    1993 NRHA Super Stakes Open Res. Champion
    1993 AQHA Congress Jr. Reining Champion
    1995 AQHA Congress Sr. Reining Res. Champ                                                                            
Two T Bobby Socks
    1994 PHRA Super Slide Canadian Non-Pro        
        Champion plus Open & Limited            
        Open Reserve Champion                

Cash for Dollars  $5863                                
    1992 NRHA Non-Pro Futurity Finalist                
    NRHA Money Earrner
Hickorys Gentleman (grand get)                
    NCHA earnings over $125,000                    
    3rd Gold & Silver 4 yr old Non-Pro Stakes                
    Finalist NCHA Open Breeders Cutting    

Easter Cabin 1992 Futurity Finalist - NRHA $5,000 plus earnings
(Own daughter)            
Two T Tatiana  $13,656                        
    1996 Congress Limited Open Reining                    
        Futurity Champion                        
    1996 Congress Futurity Open Finalist                                                    
Jasons Easter Pepper  $5503                        
    Split 3rd NRHA Non-Pro Futurity                    
Gentle Sin  $4587                            
    3rd NRHA Non-Pro Futurity                        

Miss Royal Tradition  $4321                                    
    1997 NCRHA Open & Limited Open
        Futurity Co-Champion

Two T Tivio Tornado
    ROM Reining
    COA Reining
    2 NRHA Bronzes

Two T Gun Powder
   1992 British World Cup Team Winner    
    ROM Reining

Two T Glory Seeker
    Points in AQHA Youth Reining &
        Working Cow Horse

Two T Dixie Gentleman
    1997 Limited Open German Champion

Easters Okie Leoleta
    1995 Dixie Slide Champion of - Open,
        Limited Open, & N/H Open
    1992 SWHRA Snaffle Bit Champion

Two T Trooper (grand get)
    1998 South of the Border Futurity Non-Pro

Two T COL Grierson (grand get)
    1999 South of the Border Rookie Champion

Jasper ( son of Silver Anniversary )
    1999 South of the Border Futurity 3rd in
        Open Snaffle Bit

Whats She Doing Now (daughter of Silver Anniversary)
    NRHA Futurity Finalist Open &1998
        Limited Open

Blame it on El Nino (grand get of Silver Anniversary)    
    2001 NRHA Derby Finalist
    2001 NCRHA Derby tied for 3rd
Leading Roles in the Movies:
Grey    Velocity gray mare - "Son of the Morning Star"
Two T Whiskey bay gelding - "Son of the Morning Star"

Two T GEN Custer "Autie" gray Stallion - "Gods and Generals"
Two T Tom Custer gray gelding - "Gods and Generals"

*Other Easter Gentleman horses have been used in "Discovery Channel" and "History Channel" specials and "Documentaries"