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Easter King                
0040406; 1951; Sorrel; (King P-234 x Gocha H);
Easter King is #5 on Equi-stat's list of leading Paternal Sires, (Quarter Horse News, Sept 1, 2002 issue)with 171 money earning off spring, averaging $10,424.00 with a total of $1,782,500.00. His average money earned  was much higher than the leading sires in the list. His average of over $10,000.00 was significantly higher than the $5,802, and $5,226 earned by the next-closest sires, Smart Little Lena and Hollywood Jac 86.

Stallion Show Record
ROM Performance, '54 CUT
Performance Point Earner
Halter Point Earner
        Total Points Earned: 6; Halter Points: 2; Perf Points: 4;

Stallion Offspring Record
World Champion Offspring
Reserve World Champion Offspring
Superior Halter Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
NRHA Money-earners
ROM Performance Offspring
Performance Point Earners
Halter Point Earners
Hall of Fame Offspring, NRHA

Offspring Record
Total Points Earned: 2,631; Reg Foals: 277; Number Shown: 51; Point Earners: 46; Halter Points Earned: 266; Halter Point Earners: 18; Halter Superior Awards: 2; Performance Points Earned: 2,365; Performance Point Earners: 56; Performance ROMS: 27; Performance Superior Awards: 12; AQHA Champions: 1; Total Superior Awards: 14; Total ROM's: 27; Total World Championships: 1; Total Res World Championships: 4;
Offspr NRHA LTE: $6,090
Number of NRHA Offspr: 1
Offspr NRHA LTE Avg Earnings: $6,090

Outstanding Offspring
Easter 99 Jester, 130 performance points;, '72 O Superior TR;
Ezee Money 37, 80 HLT & 259 performance points;, ' 72 AQHA Champ.; Superior WP & HLT;
Hollywood Jac 86, 80 performance points;, '74 O Superior RN'93 NRHA Hall of Fame
King's Snoopy, 34 HLT & 456 performance points;, '75 World Champ. WP; '75 O & Y WP;
Mr Hollywood Red, 794 performance points;, Res. World Champ. 3 X HUS; Superior WP, HUS, Whorse.;
O'Shay King 66, 8 HLT & 219 performance points;, '72 Superior WP;