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Easter Gentleman Production Record
*Important item to remember:  Easter Gentleman was bred selectively through out his career.  No more than 5 outside mares a year, plus the Two T herd of broodmares, averaging only 14 foals a year.  When you consider this ratio of births to accomplished horses compared to other blood lines that have had multiple breedings with a very much lower percentage of accomplished horses to horses foaled.  Then you can realize the real production effect of
"Easter Gentleman".

As of the year 2001, Easter Gentleman was still #78 in the last 5 years Reining stats for Sires.  Easter Gentleman died in 1997, but is still directly effecting the "gene pool" and "performance arena" with his blood.

NRHA Futurity                            
    1990 Open Champion                        
    1990 Non-Pro Champion                    
    1990 Limited Open Reserve Champion                
    (One sire/One year/Three Entered/Three Champions)        
    1989 Free Style Non-Pro Reserve Champion                                
    Finalists: Open - 1988,1989, 1990, 1992, 1998                       
          Limited Open - 1990, 1996, 1998                                

NRHA Congress (Straight Arrow & Farnum Futurity)        
    1989 Non-Pro Reserve Champion                
    1990 Non-Pro Reserve Champion                
    1996 Limited Open Champion (Straight Arrow)            
    Farnum Finalists: Open - 1990, 1992            
                        Non-Pro - 1989, 1990                
    Straight Arrow Finalists: Open - 1996                
                          Limited Open - 1995, 1996                   

NRHA Derby
    1990 Non-Pro Snaffle Bit Champion
    1988 Open Snaffle Bit Champion
    1991 Non-Pro Reserve Champion
    Placements: Open - 1988
        Limited Open - 1996
        Non-Pro - 1989, 1991

AQHA Congress                        
    1993 Jr. Reining Champion                    
    1995 Sr. Reining Champion                    
    1995 Ladies Reining Champion                    

NCRHA Futurity
    1996 Open Co-Reserve Champion
    1996 Limited Open Reserve Champion
    1997 Open Champion (grand get)

NRHA Super Stakes                        
    1993 Open Reserve Champion                    
    1993 Snaffle Bit Champion                    
Solid Gold Futurity                            
    1990 Limited Open Champion
    1990 Non-Pro Champion

Lazy E
    1991 Non-Pro Reserve Champion
    Placements: Limited Open - 1991
               Non-Pro - 1990, 1991

South of the Border Futurity
    1997 Open Champion (grand get)
    1998 Non-Pro Champion (grand get)
    1999 Champion Rookie Horse
    1999 3rd Place Open Snaffle Bit

Ontario Reining Horse Assoc Futurity                    
    1996 Open Winner
    1996 Limited Open Winner                
PHRA Super Slide Canadian
    1994 Non-Pro Champion
    1994 4&5 yr. Old Open &  
                    Limited Open Champions

Dixie Slide-In                                
       1995 Open & Limited Open Champion                                                                
    1995 N/H Open Champion
    1992 Snaffle Bit Champion
EPRHA Futurity
    Limited Open Champion

National Mounted Cowboy Shooting                    
    2002 Female Champion
    2002 Male 3rd Place

PA Hartwood Classic                
    Open Reserve Champion                                

Indiana Reining Futurity
    1993 Champion

Italian Quarter Horse Reining Futurity
    1996 Champion                        
    1996 Limited Open Reining Horse Champion

Sire of:    
    Numerous NRHA Bronze Earners                
    Numerous ROM Reining Earners                
    Working Cow Horse Point Earners                
    Virginia Western Pleasure Point Earners                
    1993 British World Cup Team Championship            
    Numerous Roping Money Earners                
    Numerous Working Ranch Horses                
    Numerous Reenactment/War Horses                
    Movie Horses                            
    Proven Breeding Stock

Grandsire of:

    NCHA Money Earners over $125,000
    NCHA Futurity Non-Pro Finalist
    NRHA 1998 Futurity Finalist in Open & Limited Open
    NRHA  2001 Derby Finalist
    NCRHA 2001 Derby tied for 3rd
    Numerous Roping Money Earners
    Numerous Working Ranch Horses
    Numerous Reenactment/War Horses
    Movie Horses
    Proven Breeding Stock

*Many of the accomplished horses of this Bloodline have made their names in areas and formats that don't pay money, award points, trophies, or keep records.  But they are highly acclaimed for accomplishing what they have been asked to do.