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The Steel Dust Horse Association was formed in 1990, and is an active registry at this time.
The breeders of Steel Dust horses are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of genetics and type. They are not influenced by fads or the "current show winner" bloodlines. They are working hard to maintain a positive gene pool and a line of horses that cannot be found at every sale across the US. You can find anything you are looking for - color, size, ability, champions, money winners, breeding stock, outstanding pedigrees, and just good sound using horses.
Steel Dust horses are being used for everything from ranch work to dressage. You could not ask for more versatility. The kind of horse that went to work all week, raced on Saturday, and then pulled the buggy to church on Sunday.

Steel Dust Horse Association
PO Box 278
Bangs, TX 76823
Phone: 915-752-7241
e-mail: Steeldust Registry